An adventure like no other awaits every guest at Jules’ Underwater Lodge off the island of Key Largo in the Florida Keys. It is the world’s only underwater hotel that sits 30 feet beneath the surface. It offers two bedrooms and a common room, both of which are completely dry. One large group or two separate parties can stay inside the lodge every night. This facility proves that Key Largo truly is the diving capital of the world.

The unique underwater habitat sits at the bottom of the Emerald Lagoon. Guests must enter the lodge by diving 21 feet under water to the front door using their own scuba gear or equipment provided by the hotel. There is a wet room where guests can dry off, remove their gear and take a hot shower before entering the living quarters. The facility offers numerous instructional and exploratory diving programs for all guests for an extra fee. This includes the opportunity to become a certified diver. Key Largo Undersea Park is just a short swim away and has scuba diving and snorkeling areas where visitors can explore the island’s sea creatures. Among the aquatic life there are lobsters, snapper, parrotfish and sea horses. If activities above water are more appealing after a night in inner space, there is a sandy beach nearby as well.

The lodge consists of two private bedrooms with two double beds. The rooms are separated by a common room with a sleeper sofa. There is one bathroom for guests to share. Each air-conditioned room includes a 42-inch round window that provides for an amazing underwater view. On occasion, guests will see beautifully colored fish swim by their room. The underwater rooms are equipped with everything normally found on land, such as a telephone and intercom for easy communication. Each room also has an entertainment center with a TV, VCR, DVD player and stereo system to make the stay more comfortable. Breakfast and dinner are also provided each day.

Jules’ Underwater Lodge offers the experience of a lifetime to discover how it feels to live in the aquatic world. No other hotels on tropical islands can match the distinctive character of this lodge. A stay at this place would make any holiday, wedding or family vacation extraordinary and unforgettable.

Price Range- $250-$625 per night (per person)

Contact Information

51 Shoreland Drive
Key Largo
United States