Our Beautiful Island

Andros is the largest of all the Bahamas islands. It is also the least developed island in the Bahamas. This makes it the ideal vacation spot for those wanting to experience nature at its finest. From bird watchers to hikers, divers, fishers, kayakers and eco-travelers, all will revel in the unspoiled tropical attractions found on Andros. Both on land and in the water, this island is a true natural wonder. Wetlands filled with mangroves cover a great deal of the island, and the third largest barrier reef can be found off its shores. Fun-filled family adventures, romantic getaways and tranquil holidays spent communing with nature can all be expected during a visit to Andros.While on vacation in Andros, visitors can choose to stay in a luxury villa rental, boutique hotel, beach side resort or quaint guesthouse.

Things To Do

There are a number of festivals and celebrations throughout the year in Andros. Everything you ever want to know about crabs can be discovered during the All Andros Crab Festival in June. During July, the All Andros & Berry Islands Regatta takes place. Boat racing, both modern and traditional sloop racing, and local entertainment can be enjoyed during the Regatta. The Conch Festival in October highlights include a conch cracking contest and traditional Andros entertainment, cuisine and drinks.

Places To Go

As well as the natural attractions, Andros has a number of historical landmarks. Visitors to the Andros Lighthouse, which was built to mark the entrance to the fresh water channel in the mid-1800s, can enjoy spectacular views of the islands and sea. Henry Morgan’s Cave is a must see for those interested in pirates. It is rumored to have been the hideaway for one of the Caribbean’s most feared pirates.

The Tongue of the Sea is just a mile off the shores of Andros. This massive barrier reef is teeming with species of tropical fish, providing diving enthusiasts with numerous opportunities for both shallow and deep dives. This same reef makes fishing extremely popular in Andros. Fresh water fishing also abounds in the many streams, rivers and lakes across the island. Boating, both sail boat and motor boat, is also a common past time as there are many channels to explore between the three islands that make up Andros.

Getting Around The Island

Andros is a large island so a vehicle of some sort is required to explore it fully. Both taxis and car rental agencies are available on the island, as well as guided tours of many of the island’s natural sites.

Getting To and From The Island

Holiday makers can travel to Andros by air or by sea. Daily flights arrive from Nassau, as well as charter and private flights. A number of ferries run from Nassau and other nearby islands to Andros throughout the week.


Andros is known for its eco-tourism, which can be felt at all times across the island. Unique accommodations provide ample opportunity to enjoy the natural wonders of Andros to their fullest. Whatever your reason for choosing Andros, you are sure to be rested, relaxed and revived by the end of your stay.

Fast Facts

  1. Local currency – Bahamian dollar (US dollars also accepted)
  2. Average Temp – Average daytime high of 77 - 88 F
  3. Visa Needed (from USA) – No
  4. Latitude and Longitude of principal city –
  5. High Season dates – December - April
  6. Pets Allowed – Yes with permit
  7. Which side of the road do they drive on – Left
  8. Amount of airport departure tax - $15 for all passengers over the age of 6
  9. Don’t miss these events – All Andros Crab Festival (June), All Andros & Berry Islands Regatta (July), Conch Festival (October)
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