Our Beautiful Island

Eleuthera is home to some of the most beautiful beaches, not only in the Bahamas, but in the world. While it is known for its beaches, the island is actually quite hilly leading to houses and hotels being built into the sides of the hills. From almost all the properties on the island, visitors can enjoy brilliant views out over the beach and beautiful turquoise sea. Eleuthera is one of the out islands of the Bahamas that has not been developed greatly, but holiday home rentals are very popular on this island. From quaint cottages to luxury villa rentals, visitors to Eleuthera can enjoy their vacation in comfort while being conveniently located next to a stunning beach. There are also a nice variety of hotels to choose from on the island.

Things To Do

For those who want to do a bit more than explore the many beaches of the island, Eleuthera offers plenty of water-based activities as well. Eleuthera is a diving dream as it has more wrecks than anywhere else in the Bahamas. The Devil’s Backbone is a shallow and jagged reef that extends along the northern edge of Eleuthera providing for plenty of tropical fish, as well as ships that have had their bottoms torn out by the reef. Because the water can get quite shallow, snorkeling is also a great way to take in these natural landmarks. A sail boat or motor boat can be rented, and fishing tours are also available.

Not only is Eleuthera known for its beaches, but also for its pineapple plantations. These are popular destinations across the island where many local treats, including pineapple tarts, can be enjoyed. During June, the annual Pineapple Festival is held in Gregory Town to honor the pineapple farmers. There are also many different pineapple activities that visitors can take part in during the festival.

Places To Go

There are many natural and historical landmarks to visit along the length of Eleuthera. Glass Window Bridge is made up of stunning natural rock formations at Eleuthera’s most narrow point. It’s only 30 feet wide allowing visitors to view the Atlantic Ocean on one side and Exuma Sound on the other. The rocky shores provide for great surfing, particularly at Surfer’s Beach, which is also has some of the best soft white sand in the Bahamas for those who just want to watch the excitement.

Getting Around The Island

There are no car rental agencies in Eleuthera, but locals do rent cars to tourists allowing them to explore the island. It is a good idea to arrange a car rental in advance to ensure you have it for your holiday. No public transportation exists on the island so if you do want to travel further afield, you will need to rent a car.

Getting To and From The Island

Travel to Eleuthera is relatively easy. There are direct flights from both Miami and Ft. Lauderdale that take about an hour. Flights also land from Nassau, as well as a fast ferry, which takes only two hours to make the trip to the island.


Because Eleuthera has not been commercially developed for tourism, the pace is slow and relaxed at all times. This is the ideal place for holiday makers looking for somewhere to rest, relax and rejuvenate. Eleuthera provides the perfect destination for family gatherings or romantic getaways where you can be left in peace to do as much or as little as you choose.

Fast Facts

  1. Local currency – Bahamian dollar (US dollars also accepted)
  2. Average Temp – Average daytime high of 77 - 88 F
  3. Visa Needed (from USA) – No
  4. Latitude and Longitude of principal city – Governor’s Harbour
  5. High Season dates – December - April
  6. Pets Allowed – Yes with permit
  7. Which side of the road do they drive on – Left
  8. Amount of airport departure tax - $15 for all passengers over the age of 6
  9. Don’t miss these events –
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